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Computer, Web, and Video Tutoring, Training, and Serivces

Do you need help learning, using, and understanding your computer, its software, or the internet?  If you are looking for  tutoring, training, or services for your computer system or websites, I can help you.

I have 30 years of experience in personal and corporate computer systems.  At one point during my career, I taught computer software full time to many and diverse users in public and corporate settings.

It is one thing to know something, but it is better to be able to communicate what you know so another can grasp it and understand it. I can also help you avoid some of the dangers and disasters that can happen in our networked society.

I will work with individuals, families, church groups, social groups, and provide public courses.

I also provide a wide variety of computer services.  If desired, I can teach you, while performing the service,  so you can better understand your computer and how it works.

I can even copy your videos to the computer, edit them, and create personal, professional DVDs.

Often, using software across the internet, I can work with you without you inviting a stranger into your home.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help you understand your system and gain real value from using it.

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